Dixie Trap & Skeet Club

The Dixie Trap & Skeet Club offers recreation for the shotgun sports enthusiast in the form of trap, skeet, and 5-Stand. Everyone from beginners to your seasoned sportsman will find just what they're looking for. Please visit our Fees section to obtain more information about our club costs as well as how to become a member.

Trap is the most popular shotgun shooting sport in the United States with well over one-half million active shooters. In trapshooting, you shoot clay targets thrown from a single trap machine that's situated in the "trap house" in front of the shooters. There are five positions on the trap field itself laid out in an arc behind the trap house. When a round of trap is shot, shooters are usually formed into squads of five shooters. Each shooter takes five shots from each of the five positions on the field (moving left to right), for a total of 25 targets.

Like all games, trap shooting has its rules, and one of the first you'll need to know is that the shooter starts with the shotgun in the "mounted" position with the butt stock mounted to the shoulder. In this game, there's no surprise as to when the clay pigeons start flying because targets are released when the shooter calls "pull."

At some point, years ago there was a nationwide contest held to name this new shooting sport that tested a marksmanís ability to shoot quickly at a challenging target, chamber another shell, refocus on a second target with a completely different flight path and then make him or her do it again from a different angle. The winning entry was taken from the Scandinavian word for ìshoot,î and ìskeetî became part of the American language.

Skeet has developed into much more than just an aid to better wing shooting or a substitute for hunting. It is now a competitive sport equaled by few in universal appeal. Matches are conducted for all gun gauges, against others of like ability. Competition is held for four gauges of shotguns, 12, 20, 28 and .410, though many people never use more than one.

Guns must be capable of firing two shots since four sets of doubles are included in the regulation 25-shot round. In addition, competitive Doubles events are offered at many tournaments. The gun may be a double barrel (side-by-side or over-and-under), a pump gun or a semi-automatic, depending on the shooterís preference. Major manufactures offer specially made skeet guns, and you should consult them or a good gunsmith before buying a shotgun for skeet. Details such as weight, choke, drop and pitch and fit of the gun vary with individual shooters. It is actually better to try out several guns, all types if possible, before buying.

5 Stand is an adapaptation of the original sport of Sporting Clays and was designed to fit into an existing skeet or trap field or any shooting range with limited space. 5 Stand has become the fastest growing shotgun sport in the country and attracts shooters from beginner to the most discriminating expert. Five targets are thrown at each of the five different stations for a total of twenty-five targets. The targets are thrown in a mixture of singles and doubles. Two shots may be taken on single targets thrown. The emphasis in this sport is to have fun while improving your shotgunning technique for hunting success.






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